We provide a detailed assessment using a specialized checklist to determine the level of infestation, and the location of activity. With the information gathered we will create a custom treatment plan that fits not only your needs but your budget.


Once an infestation has been located the next step is treatment. Treatment steps can vary because every infestation is different. Using the specialized checklist as our guide we can tailor a proven treatment strategy to give you the best results using our innovative techniques and proper chemical placement.


Follow Up

Even with thorough treatment any pest control company will recommend either a follow up treatment for heavy infestation or follow up inspection, and we agree. Bed Bug eggs have a 6 - 17 day hatching cycle and it’s important to follow up and make sure no new activity has developed.

Monitoring and Continued Protection

We offer additional products to our clients that provide preventative and monitoring for the future. By taking the proactive approach you can help reduce the chances of re-infestation for you home.